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Petr Sladek started a design of ZX Interface 2015, a modern peripheral for vintage Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers.

ZX Interface 2015 is meant as a replacement for old ZX Interface 1 and ZX Interface 2 original Sinclair peripherals.

The name of the ZX Interface 2015 is a homage to the original ZX Interface 1 and ZX Interface 2 names with the number added as a year of inception.

There are just a plans now, those include:

  • ZX Ethernet, the replacement of ZX Net
    • using probably some sort of Arduino Shield
    • with its own MAC and IP address, listening on port 2015
    • standard RJ45 connector for Ethernet cables
  • memory card slots:
  • serial port with RS232 connector

Nothing finished yet...

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