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The Domain Name Hack is an unconventional domain name that combines domain levels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full "name" or title of the domain, making a kind of pun.

Perhaps the most famous domain hack is Some other examples include:

If you want to register some of these domain names, check the price of the domain names and read some domain name tips!

Top Level Domain Names For Hacks

This table lists top level domain names that are available for hacks.

TLD Country Possible Use Ending
.acAscensione. g. ac
.aiAnguillae. g.,, ai
.amArmeniae. g., or radio stations AM am
.asAmerican Samoae. g. as
.atAustriae. g., at
.beBelgiume. g., or be
.bsBahamase. bs
.bzBelizealternative or typo for .biz, possible "hacky" ^^
.ccCocos Islands"Credit Card" or "Creative Commons" --, ch
.co.ckCook Islandsdot cock --
.coRepublic of Colombiae. g., or as an alternative to .com TLD co
.cxChristmas Islande. g. shock site --
.czthe Czech Republicpossible, Graphi.CZ cs de
.doDominican, do
.ecEcuadore. g., ec
.eeEstoniae. g., ee
.esSpainEnglish plural words, e. g. es
.fmMicronesiaradio stations FM --
.gaGabone. g. ga
.glGreenlande. g. --
.gsGeorgia&Sandwiche. g. gs
.gyGuyanae. g.,, gy,, ht
.imIsle of Mane. g. im
.inIndiameans "Internet", "Indiana",, in
.ioIndian Oceane. g. io
.itItalyInformation Technology (,, it
.isIcelande. g., is
.laLaosUsed for Los Angeles and e. g.,,,, la,, li,, lt,, ly
.meMontenegroe. g., or, "premium names" of very high price me
.mpNorthern Mariana, mp
.msMontserrate. g. ms
.mdMoldovaDoctor of Medicine, Maryland --
.neNigere. g., or as an alternative to .net TLD ne
.netGeneric net
.nuNiuee. g. nu, pe,, ps ph
.reRéunion(RE = Real Estate), Reinsurance, or re, rs
.seSwedene. g. se
.scSeychellese. g., or "Scotland", "source", "source code" sc
.shSaint Helenae. g., or "Shanghai" sh
.soSomaliae. g.,, so
.srSuriname"seniors" --
.stSao Tomee. g., or "street" (e. g., st
.tcTurks&Caicos "Teen Challenge" (Manitoba), "Toronto Canada" --
.toTongae. g., to
.tvTuvalu"television": -- ug
.usUnited, e. g. us
.vgBritish Virgin Islands"video games" --
.vcSaint Vincent"Venture Capital" --
.wsWestern Samoa"website", or ws

Domain Name Hacks in Other languages

Domain hacks are possible in many languages:

  • Spanish
    • de: Spanish word "de" means "of": e. g. "" means "The Lord of the Rings"
  • Russian
    • net: Russian word "net" means "no": e. g. "", like "no brain" means "brainless" or "stupid"
  • French
    • in: many French words end with "in": e. g. "" means "garden"
    • nu: French word "nu" means "nude": e. g. "" means "I am naked"
  • Czech, Slovak, Slovenian
    • se: the word "se" is a pronoun and a preposition: e. g. "" means "enjoy yourselves"
    • to: the word "to" means "it": e. g. "" means "find it"
    • me: the word "mě" means "me": e. g. "" (correctly "najdi mě") means "find me"
    • name: the words "na mě" means "at me": e. g. "" (correctly "koukni na mě") means "look at me"
  • Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Faroese, Icelandic, Dutch, Flemish, Frisian
    • nu: the word "nu" means "new" or "now" in many languages: e. g. "" means "pizza now" or "pizza immediately"
  • Turkey
    • tc: the words "Turkiye Cumhuriyeti" means "Turkish Republic" in turkish
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