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Petr Sladek news

English English English language

japan language

Do you want to learn the japan language? Read Japanese vocabulary 1 and Japanese vocabulary 2!

For the start, you need katakana cheat sheet and hiragana cheat sheet.

But what is even better, read katakana cheat sheet reversed and hiragana cheat sheet reversed!

You can find the pronunciation of a Japanese symbol based on its shape!

Befunge Quine

Interested in Befunge? What about a new Qine? The Befunge Quine!

Imitate Hollywood Film Music

Just for fun, Imitate Hollywood Film Music on a piano keyboard

unfair domain names

how come these unfair domain names?

free audio editing software

links to free audio editing software

mobile games for different screen sizes and resolutions

developing mobile games for different screen sizes and resolutions

how to run git on Raspberry Pi

this tutorial will teach you how to how to run git on Raspberry Pi

Ballroom Dance Technique

a link to Ballroom Dance Technique definitions and videos


a new web page Graphi.CZ about graphics by Petr Sladek

markdown cheatsheet

ever needed a markdown cheatsheet?

AP init

tips for Wi-Fi AP init

ZX Spectrum pinouts

the collection of various ZX Spectrum pinouts

ZX Interface 2015

Petr Sladek started a design of ZX Interface 2015

ZX MAX parts

this is a list for ZX MAX parts

AVR programmer USB

build a tiny AVR programmer USB


learn chinese online

cool web page design

some links to cool web page design samples

Adobe tutorials

some links to Adobe tutorials

the service started by Petr Sladek

how to make Raspberry Pi a Webserver

and todays series continues with how to make Raspberry Pi a Webserver

how to install Tomcat on Raspberry Pi‎

the tutorial showing how to install Tomcat on Raspberry Pi‎

how to install Java on Raspberry Pi

a tutorial how to install Java on Raspberry Pi

how to install Linux on Raspberry Pi

a tutorial how to install Linux on Raspberry Pi by Petr Sladek

more song lyrics

Something Stupid by Robbie Williams, Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk and Billy-A-Dick by Bette Midler

expiring domain names

list of interesting expiring domain names for registration

drawing tips

links to drawing tips

free web hosting

links to web hosting providers for free

download manga

links where to download manga

drawing software

links to drawing software

manga publishing

a text about manga publishing

startup ideas

a link to an article about startup ideas

HTML content type

how to set meta http-equiv with a content-type in HTML

back up MySQL database

how to save and restore a database in MySQL

Linux timezone

how to change a timezone settings in a Linux system

Linux shutdown halt

how to shutdown a Linux system from a command line or a console

animation software

some links to software for animation

RPG Maker

a list of links to RPG Maker

liberate your life

and be free

indie game dev

a few pointers for game creators

domain names

country code top level domain names (ccTLDs) with prices in US dollars, a list of domain names by price or a list of domain name prices alphabetically and a list of top level domain names that can be registered at third level and a list of top level domain names that cannot be registered

steampunk films

links to steampunk films

steampunk games

Petr Sladek collected links to steampunk games

RPG game engines

RPG game engines by Petr Sladek

Android prog dev

starting and configuration Android prog dev by Petr Sladek

personal development

list of articles on personal development compiled by Petr Sladek

AVR 7-segment clock

an AVR 7-segment clock by Petr Sladek


SQL UPDATE by Petr Sladek

modern peripherals for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

a collection of links to sites with modern peripherals for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Sinclair ZX Spectrum spare parts

where to get Sinclair ZX Spectrum spare parts by Petr Sladek


about computerify sources made by Petr Sladek

game source

retro game source by Petr Sladek

famous names

list of some famous names

drawing app for android

drawing on android tablet?

Hollywood inspired names

short overview of Hollywood inspired names

browser emulation support

emulation support in web browsers by Petr Sladek

browser statistics

browser, java and flash usage statistics by Petr Sladek

game programming in SDL and OpenGL

tips for game programming in SDL and OpenGL by Petr Sladek

tech inspiration

some of the tech ideas of Petr Sladek

game inspiration

some of game inspiration for Petr Sladek

drawing manga

Petr Sladek gives advice how to drawing manga

anime and magna

top 10 of anime and manga by Petr Sladek

HTML parser in PHP

Petr Sladek uses PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

create new MySQL database

Petr Sladek gives some tips how to create new MySQL database

Endorphin in various languages

Petr Sladek wrote the word "Endorphine" in several languages

javascript disable div

Petr Sladek presents a way to disable div in javascript

javascript disable checkboxes

Petr Sladek presents a way to disable checkboxes in javascript

funny picture WEIrD

Petr Sladek likes a not funny again by viruscomix

Java configuration

Petr Sladek set up Java dev env

Ubuntu OpenGL dev setup

Petr Sladek set up OpenGL dev libraries on Ubuntu


web RPG that Petr Sladek plays

life force energy in dancing

Petr Sladek found an interesting quotation concerning life force energy in dancing.

dance sport music

Petr Sladek's favourite songs

Wish Komm Zu Mir

Franka Potente & Thomas D Lyrics, Wish Komm Zu Mir

domain name hack tips

Get some advice on domain name hack by Petr Sladek.

English wordplay

Petr Sladek plays with words in English language

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!

Petr Sladek wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012! :-)

PC keyboard to Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Connect a PC keyboard to 8bit classic Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Sam Coupé overview

Sam Coupé was "hoped to be" successor to Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

new games for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Still new games in development for this 8bit classic.

positive optimistic trip hop

Sharing some good music.

Black and White Hats

2011-12-06: Petr Sladek solved Black and White Hats Logic Puzzle

PlayStation 2 homebrew development

Where to start with PlayStation 2 hombrew development?

Java on Nintendo DS

Java platform runs on Nintendo DS.

Funky Bubbles Puzz

Petr Sladek plays Funky Bubbles Puzz -- a puzzle game from the 90s

wiki blog

2011-11-10: Petr Sladek opens new blog using wiki engine from Wikipedia.

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