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Using wiki engine as a blog is cool.

Petr Sladek modified wikipedia's wiki engine called wikimedia to be used as a blog engine on his blog.

If you want to know the inner workings, read on.


Configuration magic

Some amazing things can be done simply in the wiki configuration file LocalSettings.php.

First Letter of Articles in Lower Case or Upper Case

Petr Sladek did not want to have the first letter of every page to be in uppercase.

This behavior is controlled by function ucfirst from includes/parser/CoreParserFunctions.php file that is called from many places.

This also depends namespace by namespace (like Help, Category, File, or so called "Main"). The "Talk" pages need to directly mirror their associated content namespaces, the values for those are ignored.

Administrator can set the upper casing different in every name space. This is controlled by two variables $wgCapitalLinks and $wgCapitalLinkOverrides which are arrays.

So Petr Sladek added:

$wgCapitalLinkOverrides[0] = false;

To LocalSettings.php and it worked. In this case, 0 means the main space.

Blog naming convetions

To be compatible with ordinary blogs, Petr Sladek had to do some naming changes:

  • renaming pages to articles
  • renaming talk pages to comments
  • renaming categories to tags

Wiki Blog Skin

CSS style


generating HTML output:


top menu:

Page name as a link


Discussion editing


Image Box


404 page

Petr Sladek designed a 404 page to be displayed instead of a missing page.

static page copy

For the performance speed up, there is no need for the page to be generated over and over again, every time the page is displayed. In order to reach a higher page delivery speed, static copies of the pages are being served to the user.





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